DMRG (Density Matrix Renormalization Group) is a very efficient algorithm for computation of low-lying eigenstates of quantum spin systems. QTT (Quantics Tensor Train) consists in tensorization of one-dimensional objects (i.e. vectors of values of function on a grid with 2^d points) into a d-dimensional tensor, and application of Tensor Train (TT) format to such tensor. What do they have in common? Check our new paper, DMRG+QTT approach to high-dimensional quantum molecular dynamics


26/05/2016 A TT-eigenvalue solver that finally works Papers
12/05/2016 Exponential machines and tensor trains Papers
06/04/2016 Convergence analysis of a projected fixed-point iteration Papers
30/03/2016 Compress-and-eliminate solver for sparse matrices Papers
01/12/2015 New paper in SIMAX Papers


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