TT-Toolbox 2.0


New version of TT-Toolbox is released.

TT Toolbox version 2.0 introduces several major innovations compared to version 1.0.

  • New classes tt_tensor and tt_matrix, which now represent TT-tensors and TT-matrices.

  • Object-oriented approach allowed to overload many standard MATLAB functions, including addition, subtraction,

    multiplication by number, scalar product, norm, Kronecker products, matrix-by-vector product etc

  • Complex arithmetics is supported

  • Several subroutines to generate basic TT-tensors and TT-matrices: matrices of all ones, identity matrix,

    random TT-tensors with fixed core sizes

  • Advances operations, like computation of F(TT) using cross method, matrix-by-vector product using Krylov methods, dmrg solver for linear systems…

TT-Toolbox 2.0 can be downloaded from this page, or [drain file 4 url directly].

Brief introduction to functionality and changes


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