Vitaly Baranov

PhD Student at Skoltech

Research interests

Stochastic control, Markov chain Monte Carlo, active subspaces, cross approximation, potential energy surfaces


All publications, sorted by year

  1. V. Baranov and I. Oseledets. Fitting high-dimensional potential energy surface using active subspace and tensor train (AS+TT) method. J. Chem. Phys., pages 17107, 2015. doi:10.1063/1.4935017. [ bib ]


26/05/2016 A TT-eigenvalue solver that finally works Papers
12/05/2016 Exponential machines and tensor trains Papers
06/04/2016 Convergence analysis of a projected fixed-point iteration Papers
30/03/2016 Compress-and-eliminate solver for sparse matrices Papers
01/12/2015 New paper in SIMAX Papers


We are located at the 2-nd floor of the new "Technopark-3” building in Skolkovo (few kilometers outside Moscow Ring Road). The building is accessible from Skolkovo Road (Сколковское шоссе) and Minskoe Highway (Минское шоссе).