Alexander Mikhalev

PhD Student at CMC MSU, research engineer at Skoltech

Research interests

Alexander is the main developer of the h2tools package for the black-box approximation of large dense matrices by sampling. He is also an author of the new algorithm for the rectangular maximum-volume submatrices, see

All publications, sorted by year

  1. Alexander Fonarev, Alexander Mikhalev, Pavel Serdyukov, Gleb Gusev, and Ivan Oseledets. Efficient rectangular maximal-volume algorithm for rating elicitation in collaborative filtering. arXiv preprint 1610.04850, 2016. accepted at ICDM 2016. URL: [ bib ]
  2. A. Yu. Mikhalev and I. V. Oseledets. Iterative representing set selection fo nested cross approximation. Numer. Linear Algebra Appl., 23(2):230–248, 2016. URL:, doi:10.1002/nla.2021. [ bib ]
  3. A. Yu. Mikhalev and I. V. Oseledets. Rectangular maximum-volume submatrices and their applications. arXiv preprint 1502.07838, 2015. URL: [ bib ]
  4. I. Ostanin, A. Mikhalev, D. Zorin, and I. Oseledets. Engineering optimization with the fast boundary element method. WIT Transactions on Modelling and Simulation, 61:7, 2015. doi:10.2495/BEM380141. [ bib ]
  5. G.V. Ryzhakov, A.Yu. Mikhalev, D.A. Sushnikova, and I.V. Oseledets. Numerical solution of diffraction problems using large matrix compression. In Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP), 2015 9th European Conference on, 1–3. April 2015. URL: [ bib ]
  6. I. V. Oseledets and A. Yu Mikhalev. Representation of quasiseparable matrices using excluded sums and equivalent charges. Linear Algebra Appl., 436(3):699–708, 2012. doi:10.1016/j.laa.2011.07.041. [ bib ]


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30/03/2016 Compress-and-eliminate solver for sparse matrices Papers
01/12/2015 New paper in SIMAX Papers


We are located at the 2-nd floor of the new "Technopark-3” building in Skolkovo (few kilometers outside Moscow Ring Road). The building is accessible from Skolkovo Road (Сколковское шоссе) and Minskoe Highway (Минское шоссе).