Anton Sukhinov

Research Scientist at Skoltech

Anton earned his Bachelor degree in Applied Mathematics and Informatics at the Taganrog State University of Radio Engineering in 2004. After that he went to the Moscow Institute of Science and Technology, where he received a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics. Anton defended his PhD thesis in 2010 at the Institute for Mathematical Modeling of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He then returned to Taganrog where he worked for CVisionLab LLC (machine learning, image processing and analysis), and the Southern Federal University. At Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology Anton is conducting research in the areas of advanced matrix and tensor methods as well as machine learning techniques.

Competences and research interests

  • Design and implementation of high-performance image processing and analysis algorithms such as human detection, face detection, precise facial features extraction.
  • Machine learning.
  • Design and implementation of numerical simulation algorithms (finite elements, finite volumes, finite differences) and computational geometry algorithms.
  • Multithreaded and distributed computing: shared-memory systems, non-uniform memory access systems, cluster systems.
  • Deep knowledge of C++ programming language and programming work-flow (version control, source code documentation, automated testing).

All publications, sorted by year

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26/05/2016 A TT-eigenvalue solver that finally works
12/05/2016 Exponential machines and tensor trains
06/04/2016 Convergence analysis of a projected fixed-point iteration
30/03/2016 Compress-and-eliminate solver for sparse matrices
01/12/2015 New paper in SIMAX


We are located at the 2-nd floor of the new "Technopark-3” building in Skolkovo (few kilometers outside Moscow Ring Road). The building is accessible from Skolkovo Road (Сколковское шоссе) and Minskoe Highway (Минское шоссе).